SYNK is a social app designed for people with similar sports interests to match each other and play their common sport. Users can search users nearby that have similar sports interest and synk with them. Once matched they can schedule a game of badminton or tennis or their common sport through the app.


Users have many apps that help them socialize themselves. However, there is no app that can match users with similar sports interests. A major challenge was to replicate the ‘swipe’ functionality similar to ‘Tinder’ or other social apps that can help two users in nearby area match with each other. Another challenge was to show players with multiple filters like nearby area(based on GPS),  similar sports interests & categories. Further, once matched the users should be able to chat and schedule a game at a venue they want to play at.


CSS consulted on an UI/UX approach understanding the goals of the customer & functional flow, addressing challenges in the existing system and how these challenges can be handled through technology.  We created a design flow using the UX due diligence, implemented, designed and developed firebase chat logic & ‘Swipe’ functionality along with key search algorithm.


A unique and diligent app was created that syncronizes players with similar sports interest. The app is successful because it being one of a kind and has caused users to match around the world for playing the sport they love!