The customer wanted to create an online, easily accessible REPORT GENERATION TOOL that is affiliated to their existing website and allows their customers to access various documents under multiple categories by logging in to the application. Further the customer’s administrative team will also have a method to upload these reports in PDF format only in multiple categories for each customer


Klean Lab is one of India’s leading laboratories for industrial water testing and treatment. Klean wanted to have an online tool that helps their customers to submit samples, get and store reports online with ease. The Klean administration did not contain a system to create customer based reports and visualize data that can give them insights of their customers, sales and accountability. This was causing them a major hurdle to sustain the heavy cut throat competition in the market.


It was a challenging task to handle 100+ customers with multiple reports generated and shared at the same time. We achieved this through development of the project using traditional development methodologies but dividing the systems in to various phases and providing the customer with data analysis dashboard creating an eco system that benefits the customer. Further CSS consulted them and has done complete automation of report generation for Klean lab which benefited their customers on a major level.


“Our customers are extremely satisfied as they can visualize their reports in one click through this system” cites Klean director. The system has caused Klean to stay up in the competition, reduce operational cost and maitain their brand value introducing a unique tool in their domain.