EDBEANS® is an element in assessment – Stimulus to order thoughts – Helps to think under pressure – Satisfaction of knowing that studies are done. EDBEANS ® gives flexibility and new dimension to delivery of the knowledge and assessment of students. The Knowledge Gap Identification index (KGI) for every student and acts as a measuring tool for students’ gross performance and focuses on their improvement areas. The system generates 100+ customized reports that help college faculties to keep a track of data. EDBEANS® is a one-stop solution for colleges to improve admission intake and create positive campus interview results and employment opportunities for students.


Klean Lab is one of India’s leading laboratories for industrial water testing and treatment. Klean wanted to have an online tool that helps their customers to submit samples, get and store reports online with ease. The Klean administration did not contain a system to create customer based reports and visualize data that can give them insights of their customers, sales and accountability. This was causing them a major hurdle to sustain the heavy cut throat competition in the market.


The system has MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT WITH 56 LANGUAGES With flexibility in developed system & robust server side programming the product has achieved great reception from end users.  Currently the system is LIVE for 10,000+ STUDENTS, 3,000+ PARENTS, 150 FACULTIES & 20 UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVES


One of a kind solution for university management and students to manage, create, visualize their data. A cloud based platform where universities can conduct exams, manage and automate attendance, students can know their score, analyze thier performance, universities can keep a track of entire education spectrum!