In today’s world most industries use SAP or ERP to manage and automate their routine processes. However it is extremely hard and costly to visualize this data and create dashboards using SAP in built functionalities or through third party tools like spreadsheets or PDF. Further it is challenging to get insightful information through this massive data source.


The major challenges faced were:

  • No real time access to legacy data
  • Lack of visualization capability in the current setup leading to delayed decision making
  • Disparate systems resulting to rigid
  • Current processes for data trace-ability are not robust leading to risks around inaccurate internal and audit reporting
  • Legacy systems lack intelligent capabilities that are needed to make a shift from reactive to proactive state


Creating a holistic solution that provides:

  • Fast access to legacy data by implementing scalable big data architecture
  • Creating interactive visualization of data  with complete traceability
  • Having robust and flexible eco system leading to a scalable model
  • Handshaking with multiple legacy systems to present data in one landscape


We created a solution that gives business users 10x faster decision making by giving complete traceability, visualization and accuracy in real time analysis of their data.