The app intends to create a smooth logistic delivery management for small and large goods across the globe. The app is developed in order to allow users send and receive their parcels with added ease and comfort


The logistic industry needed a face of change. We still see the olden ways of handling, shuffling and migrating goods through various logistic supply chains and there is a high demand for an outsourcing partner to engage and couple two nodes of the logistic supply chain. We all transport something to someone; a hairpin to an airplane! The requirement is to have a single platform that gives a holistic approach to logistics and allows same day delivery between any two segments of the society with ease and through the use of technology. To create this, there was a high demand for a mobile app that serves like a platform to mitigate the challenge. CSS stepped up to the challenge.


CSS consulted during a complete UI/UX approach understanding the goals of the customer along with functional flow, addressing challenges in the existing system and how these challenges can be handled using technology. We built a dashboard for all users to easily identify their orders and segregate between pending, on-going and completed orders. We successfully provided users to identify their favorite drivers and shipping companies & facilitating recurring orders. We created automatic re-routing algorithms for drivers and shippers  in case of breakdowns during deliveries and designed and developed a dynamic and robust notifications module for all users.


The solution proposed proved to be a gateway for users to facilitate deliveries across the network. The entire chain of deliveries was automated to create a holistic approach for organizations or individuals. The customer was highly benefited due to the unique algorithms designed and the system architecture.