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Edbeans® is an element in assessment – Stimulus to order thoughts – Helps to think under pressure – Satisfaction of knowing that studies are done. Edbeans® gives flexibility and new dimension to delivery of the knowledge and assessment of students. Edbeans® assists college management in managing their operational cost at various fronts. It’s intelligently crafted algorithm Knowledge Gap Identification index (KGI) at for individual student acts as a measuring tool for students’ gross performance and focuses on their improvement areas. The system generates 100+ customized reports that help college faculties to keep a track of data. Edbeans® is a one-stop solution for colleges to improve admission intake and create positive campus interview results and employment opportunities for students. EdBeans® has excellent feedback from educational industry domain experts and is an end-to-end solution for colleges and universities.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Connectivity

    We connect students, teachers and parents on one click and provide the best connectivity within them.

  • Practice Modules

    With our E-learning module simplify education and provide maximum exam practice to students.

  • KGI

    The unique KGI algorithm helps students to understand where they stand and guides them on a path to success.

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Ease your administration with Edbeans. Edbeans provides a platform that resolves all the administrative overhead of Educational institute. Fee collection is automated, pending fee notifications are generated and teacher’s payroll management is SIMPLIFIED.