About CSS

CSS has been one of a kind IT services company consistently delivering business value with the latest niche technology.

Technology solutions to help businesses flourish

Custom Software solution (CSS) is a registered organization & has its development center in Pune, India. Over the years, CSS has worked as technology partners for a number of product companies, many of them leaders in their space, as well as start-ups. We evolved to become their engineering and development partners, so that we now contribute to their product and innovation road maps. We decided to invest in technology assets that would give our customers an edge, which keeps our lab busy.

CSS is a customer focused and technology-driven company providing product engineering and enterprise software/application development services that help clients in crafting holistic value for their software development efforts. Our mission at CSS is to help you connect your enterprise software products and applications to your users.

What We Do

Technology can be complicated, but we’ve seen it all before and can help you with any IT issue.

What We Do

Who We Help?

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity.

Who We Help?

Why Choose Us

We have a proven process to help you move your business forward and we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Our History


Two childhood friends wanted to do something for themselves. They had a job in hand but thought why earn for someone else when you can do it for yourself! Both friends(now founders) of CSS created a software that was bought by 50+ companies in just under 2 months! And that was the birth of CSS!


CSS was now established officially and both friends decided to get an office. CSS moved into its first office in Pune with nothing but walls and empty spaces. It now needed to be filled with a team that can contribute to production and evolve technology.


CSS successfully evolved with a team of 6 and with a successful clientele of 30 new dynamic and global customers. It was now time to grow vertically & build a sustainable model that can provide niche services to our customers. Our team and technology evolved and we thought of expansion.

2017 - Present

CSS shifted to its new office with bigger and better space. Our team expanded to 15 and now we are technology partners with global brands and continue evolving ourselves with technology, creativity and learning. We have setup our expansion plans in a way to achieve new horizons in the near future.