5 Benefits of Flutter: That Make It Start-up Friendly

Google, after the launch of Android P, a New Operating System, released its new Software Development Kit (SDK) naming it as Google Flutter. Google’s flutter is a revolutionary project from the search engine giant which seems like a more advanced version of Android SDK. Since it is a beta version of UI Framework, Flutter can assist in making cross-platform apps.

An interesting thing Mobile App developers should know about this new SDK is it will allow them to create apps with just single coding process. Moreover, the use of Dart to write applications makes the syntax look similar to Java. The code is usually combined using IOS or standard Android tool chains which are used for specific mobile platforms. It not only makes it more convenient but gives better performance, hence a better match for start-ups.

Flutter was initially introduced in May 2017, but in the Alpha version. So with the beta version, we get to see its appearance. Developers will have multiple benefits by using Google Flutter while developing apps. Let us check 5 such benefits of Google Flutter that makes it start-up friendly.

1. Open-source Project:

It’s an open-source project which makes it available for use and study by start-ups for any given purpose. It’s more or less like an open-collaboration, hence making it easily accessible and user friendly. It not only gives you a diverse scope for design, but also no other company provides you with as many options.

2. Amazing widgets catalogued for you:

The best part about flutter is that you have a wide range of widgets beautifully catalogued for you. Not only does it make it hassle-free but also helps you make a functionally amazing app. You use Dart to write your Flutter app which is compiled to native code. The intelliJ plugin makes for a good integration.

3. Excellent editor integration with Android Studio & Visual Studio Code:

You can keep on adding and subtracting edits while developing apps. Android studio and Visual Studio code make up for smarter completions based on function definitions, variable types and imported modules. Additionally, it allows you to push and pull from any SCM service.

4. IOS and Android have a single Codebase:

Not using JavaScript for a bridge to set up codebase is a feasible option. Single codebase makes it easier to operate in both IOS and Android. Flutter is Google’s full measure cross platform application that saves you the trouble of drastic shift. This gives you an easy to use app with tight security and defensive patents.

5. Dart giving you Java feels:

Dart isn’t exactly like Java but has similar features. It makes it really easy for developers to take the shift. Flutter comes with better widget, great editorial integrations and easy to use features that make this kit a great option to develop apps.

Apart from the above 5 benefits, Google Flutter is also designed to be accessible native features and SDKs. The kit allows the user to have better experience through native codes and third-party integration. Moreover, the kit invites the user to explore native features and SDKs. With this the user can reuse the programming languages Android and iOS.


For app development start-ups that majorly rely on user friendly and effective development kits, Google Flutter is a gift. Eye-catchy interface, faster app development process, flexible APIs like these and few more features makes Google Flutter a start-up friendly tool. The search engine has invested considerable amount of time and research on this kit keeping the start-ups in mind. For tech start-ups, Flutter will be a great respite to develop engaging and user friendly apps.