Service models we can work in

At CSS we follow believe in adding moral and holistic value to our client needs in order to deliver in optimum time and cost. To achieve this some of our business models are:


    When clients have fixed requirements with fixed time and cost along with minimal number of changes we follow the traditional business model.


    When client requirements change continuously and client needs continues evolution, we follow the outsourcing business model. We allot a separate dedicated team for our clients which follow client business methodologies and processes over a long period of time.

  • Build Operate and Transform (BoT):

    In this business model, we consult, build the product for our clients with a separately allotted team and transform the resources to client location once the development process is complete.


At CSS, its technology that drives us to create wonders!! We believe in creating and nurturing a process while we develop applications.When we communicate it helps in understanding each other better. At CSS we constantly communicate with our clients to keep them involved in the development process. Non-Disclosure & Non-compete Agreements help to bond both legally as well as technically with our clients.





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